Main Facility: 718.613.4000

Emergency Services

For many people in Central Brooklyn, Interfaith Medical Center's Emergency Department is their only source of primary health care. In fact, Interfaith Medical Center's Emergency Service Department cares for nearly 3,000 patient visits each month.

Designated as a 911 Certified Medical and Surgical Adult Emergency Care Facility, a 9.39 Mental Health Psychiatric Emergency Room and an American Heart Association Certified Emergency Care Facility, Interfaith Medical Center's Emergency Department is located in the main hospital building on Atlantic Avenue in Bedford-Stuyvesant and boasts a brand new 7,500 square foot facility consisting 21 active treatment areas.

Among the state-of the-art trauma rooms within the Emergency Department are specific areas for orthopedics, isolation cases, critical and specialized care, pediatrics and treatment for asthmatic patients. There is a separate Psychiatric Emergency Room for psychiatric patients in crisis-whether self- referred or brought by police or Emergency Medical Services (EMS) for treatment- where they are assessed. Treatment is initiated and the patient is admitted, if necessary, or referred to a community-based program. The Psychiatric Emergency Room serves both mentally- ill and substance abuse patients.