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Pastoral Care Services

The Department of Pastoral Care at Interfaith Medical Center (IMC) seeks to provide comfort and spiritual support for the emotional, religious and the spiritual needs of Patients, their family and friends as well as Clients and also the Staff of IMC. We also provide moral and ethical support to all who may seek a request for these services.

Pastoral Care Services is an essential part of the continuum of care that offer comprehensive and integrated health care to the bodies, spirits and minds of people of the Interfaith Medical Center community.

Clients, Patients, families, friends as well as staff may receive care from IMC Chaplains. Chaplains are a part of the patient's clinical team and provide services which may include prayer, counseling or simply listening, helping the bereaved and being a companion to the patient on their journey. The chaplain's major goal is to be a positive resource for the patient, his/her family and staff.

Chaplains arrange for the administration of sacraments and other sacred rituals (Confession, Holy Communion, Baptism, Last rites, etc). They serve as an ethical and moral resource for persons confronted with complex decisions. Upon request, the chaplain will arrange for pastoral care with a member of the clergy from the patient's own faith tradition (Jewish, Islamic, Roman Catholic, Protestant, Jehovah's Witness, etc.)

Inspirational reading materials and some religious supplies are regularly made available. These materials may also be provided upon request.

Interfaith Medical Center also has a Beautiful Chapel, located on the first floor (past the Medical library) and is always open. All are welcome for prayer, meditation or worship. A schedule of services is posted. The Holy Eucharist services are celebrated on Tuesdays at 12:00 PM. Noonday prayer services are held on Thursdays. Islamic call to prayer service takes place on Fridays at 1:30 PM. Patients also can participate in our Chapel service or have their meditative prayers via closed TV system on channel 6 of the hospital TV system.

For more information about Interfaith Medical Center's Pastoral Care Services, please contact: Father Frederick Opare-Addo, Head of Pastoral Care Department at 718.613.4773 or email: