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Welcome to Interfaith Medical Center's Peripheral Arterial Disease (PAD) program

Peripheral Arterial Disease is the buildup of fat/calcium on the walls of the arteries. One of the most common symptoms is pain in the leg while walking or resting. In severe cases, it can lead to loss of limbs. Diabetes, Hypertension, high cholesterol, smoking, obesity, renal insufficiency and age are the most common risk factors for PAD.

Please fill out our survey below to see if you should be screened.  Do not spend another second living with pain.

Benefits of PAD Screening

The diagnosis, treatment, and management of the following risk factors: diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, smoking, obesity, and renal insufficiency can lessen the occurrence of PAD and slow the worsening of the disease. A PAD screening can reduce the likelihood of prolonged limb pain or worse, loss of limb.

PAD in the US

In the United States, close to 8 million people have PAD. The prevalence of PAD is similar in both men and women. African Americans have an increased risk of PAD when compared to their Hispanic and Caucasian counterparts. In the population over the age of 60, the incidences of PAD show a notable increase.

What IMC Offers

Here at Interfaith Medical Center we offer a full program for the screening, diagnosis, treatment, and management of Peripheral Arterial Disease. Our physicians will meet with you one-on-one for a consultation where you will be educated about PAD and receive a full medical examination. We offer an Ankle-Brachial Index Test which is a diagnostic test used to diagnosis PAD. If necessary, we also provide medical interventions to remove the buildup of fat/calcium from your arteries in our state of the art Cardiac Cath Lab. Cease living with pain in your legs and get back to living your life pain free. Our highly trained cardiovascular physicians provide excellent medical care from top to bottom for our patients.

PAD Screening Survey

Fill out the short survey below to see if you should be screened by one of our highly trained specialists.

Risk Factors

Do you smoke or have you ever smoked?
Do you have high blood pressure or are you on blood pressure medication?
Do you have high cholesterol or are you on medication to lower your cholesterol?
Have you ever been told you have diabetes? Even borderline diabetes?
Have you ever been told that you have had a heart attack or stroke?
Have you ever had an angioplasty or stent placed in the heart or leg?


Have you noticed your walking pace has slowed?
Do your legs ever feel tired causing you to stop and rest?
When you walk, do you ever have to stop because you have pain or cramping in your calves or thighs?
Do you ever experience cramping, tightness, "Charlie horse" or pain in the legs or feet when lying down that improves when you stand up?

Physical Findings

Do you have any chronic infections of your ankles, feet, or toes?
Do you have any ulcers, or slow healing sores/wounds on your ankles, feet, or toes?


Client Testimonials

"I would love to share. The procedure that Dr. Patel did worked for me. I'm walking up the subway stairs as we speak. I haven't had any pain in my legs since I came to Interfaith"   -Timothy M.

"After the procedure I’ve been able to walk and I don’t feel the pain I used to have every day. I still follow up with Dr. Dogar today" – E. Bryce, age 81

Participating Physician Bio's

Alix Dufresne, MD Alix Dufresne, MD

Director of Cardiology Department
Dr. Dufresne has been serving the residents of Brooklyn for over 30 years. He brings a breadth of experience from his training in Europe, Africa, and the United States. Currently, he is Chief of the Cardiology Department and an Attending Physician for the outpatient Cardiology Clinic.

Vinod Patel, MD Vinod Patel, MD

With over 9 years in practice, Dr. Vinod Patel is honored to service the Internal Medicine and Cardiology needs of Brooklyn. He focuses primarily on Cardiovascular disease, Interventional Cardiology, and Cardiology imaging. He is certified by the American Board of Internal Medicine, Cardiology, Interventional Cardiology, Echocardiography, Nuclear Cardiology, and Vascular intervention.

Dinker Rai, MD Dinker Rai, MD

Vascular Surgeon
Dr. Dinker Rai is a Board certified vascular surgeon with over 30 years experience practicing medicine in central Brooklyn. Currently, he is Chairman of the Department of Surgery and also the Chief of the Vascular Surgery Department.

Matthew Jones, MD Matthew Jones, MD

Dr. Matthew Jones graduated from the Morehouse School of Medicine in Atlanta. He has completed Cardiovascular fellowships at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center and Mount Sanai Medical Center. Specializing in Internal Medicine and Invasive Cardiology, Dr. Jones brings over 5 years of experince to Interfaith Medical Center.

Ankur Shah, MD Ankur Shah, MD

Board Certified in both Internal Medicine and Cardiovascular disease, Dr. Shah brings over 11 years of experience in medicine to Brooklyn. A graduate of N H L Municipal Medical College, Gujarat University, Dr Shah joined the Interfaith faculty in 2015.

Muhammad Dogar, MD Muhammad Dogar, MD

Dr. Dogar graduated from Lahore Medical & Dental College in Lahore, Pakistan. He started his training at Interfaith Medical Center in 2010 and graduated in June of 2013. He is currently serving as Assistant Professor of Medicine and Cardiology at Interfaith Medical Center and SUNY Downstate Medical Center.

Contact Information

Screenings are performed every Friday from 9am-12pm EST at the location below:

Bishop Oris G. Walker Healthcare Center (Interfaith Medical Center)
3rd Floor
528 Prospect Place
Brooklyn, NY 11238
Phone: 718-613-4764