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Visiting Hours & Policies

Visiting Policies

Visits from loved ones impact positively on the healing process. Visitors can provide comfort and assist in areas of decision-making, treatment, and other types of care as determined by the patient. Patients can designate who can or cannot visit. This designation can also be removed at the patients' choosing. Visitors include, but are not limited to: spouses, surrogates, friends, significant partners and other family members.

Interfaith Medical Center fully supports our patients' rights to receive visitors during their hospitalization. Visitors will not be restricted for reasons such as religion, sexual orientation, disability, race, gender, age, or language.

It is the policy of Interfaith Medical Center to create a safe environment for patients, employees and visitors by identifying all persons entering the hospital. "For the safety of our children as well as our patients we strongly discourage children under 3 years old to visit the patient rooms". In general, visitors are welcomed in most areas from 11am - 8pm, with some variations in individual units. It is preferred that only two visitors at a time are present at the patient's bedside. Visitors to the hospital should enter through the main entrance, 1545 Atlantic Avenue. Upon entry, visitors are required to sign into the visitor log and obtain a visitor pass at the information desk. This pass should be worn and made visible at all times.

Visiting Hours

General (Medical Floors)11am - 8pm
ICU (Restrictions on Children under the age of 16
visiting the Intensive Care Unit are enforced)
12:30pm - 1pm
2pm - 2:30pm
5pm - 5:30pm
7pm - 7:30pm
Psychiatry (8th & 9th Floors)2pm - 3pm
6:30pm - 8pm

Important Information

  • For the safety of our patients, Food and drinks from outside are not allowed
  • Restrictions on Children visiting the Psychiatry floors are also enforced
  • Visitor pass must be visible at all times